Nude Photography — All you need for perfect photos

Michael Christensen
3 min readJan 5, 2021


First step to take perfect photos is to have amazing light settings.

  • Make your photos look stunning
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  • Easier than you might think — correct lightning is like have a magic wand :-)

You can actually use a light ring all the place where you need a little extra information. You can even use your ring light as a bold lamp in the corner! But the most popular use of ring lights is photography.

You have to go out and grab a lot of softboxes to get just the right lighting, you just need a single light ring. The light is perfect for you who just want to capture your face or from the waist up, and then you get an even light! You do not have to think about whether you create a lot of shadows and then you also have a place to pose your camera!

Your entire light and camera setup can be boiled down to a single product which is going to make it a lot easier for you! A ring sound is incredibly easy to unpack and take with you on the go so you can also record videos at others’ homes or take your setup with you on holiday so you never miss an opportunity to make something new you can upload.

For the beauty youtuber, a ring light is definitely a MUST HAVE! With a light ring you always get a really good light and it is the perfect makeup light. A ring candle also gives a delicious diffused look so your skin always looks perfect! Makeup lights and ring lights are almost synonymous, and you can hardly be a beauty guru without having a good light ring, so all your videos and photos will be as good as possible. Another reason why a ring light is so suitable for make-up is because you often only have to film the upper body and up, and then a light ring is the best light you can get.

The light is even, so you avoid tedious shadows on your photos and then you can show off your goods in the best possible way.

Light rings are also often used in photo studios around the world. A classic light setup in a studio consists of a myriad of lights and reflectors that ensure that you have light from all angles. Shadows play a really big role in photography, and if you need to take pictures completely without shadows, then you need to grab a ring light. You can save an incredible amount on your studio, and then you can instead buy an even better camera for the money you now do not have to spend on a lot of light sources.

The PERFECT Selfie Light — a must have for nude photography
Based on all the reasons we have listed earlier, then there is no doubt that a ring light is the best selfie light you can get. A selfie light ring’s most important task is to give you a good light so you can always look as good as possible. In addition, some of our light rings are also adjustable in brightness and light color, so you can find exactly the light that suits you best. The round selfie light is also smart because you can just put your smartphone in the middle and then you are ready to take the best pictures! A ring light is an incredibly cheap light source compared to much other lighting, and if it is a selfie light you are looking for, a ring light will quickly become your best friend!

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