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Michael Christensen
2 min readJan 3, 2021

You have to edit PDF or convert to different file format — what to do then?

Solution — better than small pdf, juntar pdf

  • Merge PDF by selecting multiple PDF files and merge them into one.
  • Convert documents like Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Compress PDF making distribution blazing fast

The benefits of PDF files
To explain, let’s go back to the question “will not .DOCX files be better.” The problem here is to assume that everyone would be okay with using a DOCX file on their devices. DOCX is a file extension derived from Microsoft Word. If others want to open the document, they must either use Word or use a text editor that can open / import DOCX files. Although they can, the formatting can get started in the process. This makes things a little difficult to ensure that everyone can read the document.

Fortunately, many operating systems have full support for PDF documents. That means we do not have to create a document specifically for Microsoft Windows users, one for iOS, one for Linux — we can just paste it into a PDF file and anyone can read it.

When to use .PDF format
As such, the best time to use a PDF file is when you have no idea which operating system to open the file in. Say you are writing a manual for a website where users can download. This website can be visited by people on Windows, iOS, Linux and mobile devices, so we have to meet everyone’s needs. In this case, using the .PDF format appeases everyone without making things complicated.

Even better, when people download the manual, it can open automatically in the user’s browser. Browsers like Chrome and Firefox have built-in PDF viewers so people can read your document quickly and easily.

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