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In today’s society, it is absolutely mandatory you carry small business insurance in California, regardless of the size of your business or your location. Whether you work out of your home or occupy commercial space, always include small business insurance in your budget. The different types of coverage necessary to adequately protect your company in Maryland are very broad. Lawsuits, disgruntled employees, groundless allegations, fire, and theft are just a few causes of loss. One of the most common losses today involves the automobile. While in route to the local office supply store, you or an employee are involved in an accident. In today’s litigious society, attorneys sue first, and ask questions later. You will be drawn into the lawsuit, like it or not.

Carefully consider the following recommendations:
* Always maintain good lighting for your business premises.

* Always maintain electrical wiring, stairways, carpeting, flooring, elevators and escalators.

* Always Install a sprinkler system, smoke and fire alarms and adequate security devices.

* Always keep only a small amount of cash on hand.

* Always maintain good records for your inventory, accounts receivable and purchases.

* Always keep a second set of records off-site with your accountant, insurance agent and at home.

* Always make sure your employees have good driving records. Check them on a regular basis.

* Always make sure your employees have been properly educated on lifting procedures. Use all and all safety equipment possible, including goggles, gloves and respirators.

* Always utilize a risk management company, suck as an outside consultant to advise you of any safety and environmental regulations which need attention.

* Always openly discuss safety issues with your employees. Hold regular safety meetings.

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